Guadalupe Ruiz (CO / CH)

Kleine Fotoenzyklopädie

Endlich! Die Präsentation der mehr als 600 Seiten umfassenden «Kleinen Fotoenzyklopädie» – einer veritablen Bibel, von Hand gedruckt im Offset-Verfahren.

«The idea of this encyclopedia came to me through my passion for collecting picture books published in the 1930s and 1940s as well as the desire to use and share the photos I realize, take a step back from my work and find a new source of inspiration. The encyclopedia is articulated in the form of personal and specific topics and contains only the photos that I have produced. The images in this encyclopedia are conducted methodically and simplify, most of the time with natural light and a DSLR camera. I like to contextualize the images that I collect, rework, classify scientifically, confront and submit to new readings. My focus is on the harmony of the composition, the shapes of the objects and how represent the nature and the architecture. The main topics of this book are architecture, nature, art, food and travel.»

Guadalupe Ruiz (*1978 / Bogotá), lebt und arbeitet in Biel/Bienne.